Building maintenance

We want to hire a person to ensure the maintenance of cleanliness and care of the office building, in Bucharest, daily activity, 8-hour program (L-V). Active, serious and responsible person.
Benefits: fixed salary + meal vouchers.


  1. Performs daily cleaning (sweeping, vacuuming, washing, dusting, disinfection) in appropriate conditions of the spaces distributed inside and outside the building (offices, common areas, courtyard, etc.);
  2. Cleans and disinfects toilets daily with specific materials and utensils;
  3. Checks the functionality of the sanitary installations and signals to the maintenance-repair personnel the eventual failures;
  4. Ensures the supply of the sanitary groups with the necessary materials;
  5. Keep in good condition the equipment and cleaning materials in their care, announcing when they no longer correspond or are insufficient;

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