About us

Our purpose. Our vision.

As real estate developer, our essence is to be a partner for all those who believe in a bright real estate development and attentive to the needs of the community.

Our mission is to transform and reshape the urban landscape in the central-western area of ​​the capital through the sustainable development of the two large-scale projects - Sema Parc and The Light.

Our values


We are able to balance the imagination with rigorous intelligence and to propose unique, sustainable projects, which we develop in our own way.


We take risks in an entrepreneurial, efficient and long-term way. We are confident in our ability to generate value for our project partners and beneficiaries.


We have a developed practical sense, we are able to stay on our feet and get our projects started, at a pace that ensures the sustainability of each investment.


Through long-term investments, supported by a pragmatic vision, we pursue the value brought to the community, our partners and beneficiaries.

Our code of conduct

As a developer, partner or employer we are committed to operating at a high level of ethics, in accordance with the values ​​we have and share. To do this, we will always act according to a code of integrity and ethics called the Code of Conduct

1. Community

We are an integral part of the community and, at the same time, we are community creators ourselves. Our objectives will always focus on their interests, whether we are talking about the business community, the tenants in our buildings or the city in which they operate.

2. Partners,
suppliers and market

Whether we are talking about customers, suppliers, entrepreneurs, partners, all our relationships are based on respect and reciprocity. Our behavior will always be honest and responsible.

3. Our employees

Of all our assets, people are the most important. Ensuring a stable, secure and efficient job is our priority. We want to attract our talent from this industry, to create and maintain a competitive environment and the opportunity to manifest this talent.

For any aspect regarding our Condition Code, feel free to send us a message.

Executive Team

We are proud of the role we have assumed and the fact that what we do is the talent, involvement and effort of a team strengthened over time.

Liviu Birău

General Manager

Daniela Gănescu

HR Director

Anca Vlase

Head of Legal

Lucian Grosaru

Executive Director, Sema Parc SA

Mihai Odoviciuc

Property Manager

Tina Vîrlan

Lease Manager

Dan Vilău

Project Manager

Silviu Stancu

Project Manager

Ingrid Băltărețu

PR & Communications Director

George Grinzeanu

IT Manager

Our story

As developers, our history begins with the first project: Sema Parc. But here's how I got here.

Sema Parc SA is established - industrial park, as a post-privatisation of Semănătoarea factory


River Invest SA is established as the real estate developer of Sema Parc project


The masterplan of Sema Parc project is launched, as a mixed and integrated development


It begins the constructions of the first two office buildings in Sema Parc - Riverplace


The first two Riverplace buildings are purchased by Europolis (CA Immo)


Acquisition of 50% of Pumac


Rehabilitation and reconsolidation of the existing buildings in Sema Parc


It begins the development of class A office buildings in Sema Parc - Paris, Berlin and Bruxelles


Completion of the land acquisition transaction owned by Pumac


Bruxelles – a new Class A building in Sema Parc is delivered


Announcing the integrated project The Light, on the Pumac field


It begins the development of class A office buildings - London and Oslo - in Sema Parc


Paris - a new class A building in Sema Parc is up and running


It begins the construction of London and Oslo office buildings in Sema Parc


Berlin - a new class A office building in Sema Parc is being delivered


The first class A office building in The Light project - The Light One - is delivered